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Wildlife Watching

We are so lucky to live in such an unspoilt glen here in Rannoch.  There is no through road to the west so the only traffic is people coming to visit Rannoch, not passing through.  

We manage Dunalastair in sympathy with nature and are rewarded with a host of wildlife both common and rare.  We have lots of red squirrels (but so far luckily no greys) who are very good an extracting the peanuts from the bird feeders.  Dunalastair Loch is the breeding ground for around 27 varieties of birds and in winter there are usually around 40 whooper swans and lots of geese and duck on the loch. One pair of mute swans usually breeds here, while the whoopers migrate in spring to the arctic circle.

Here at Dunalastair you can see red deer, roe deer, osprey, buzzard, hen harrier, sparrow hawk, kestrel, eagle, ptarmigan, red grouse, black grouse, several kinds of owl, hedgehogs, pine marten, otter and so many more.

We have a number of Sites of Special Scientific Interest here for plant species and birds and the orchids are magnificent in late May.

The famous Black Wood of Rannoch has some of the remains of the ancient Scottish pine forest and is a great place to walk and see wildlife such as Scottish crossbills. 


Loch of the Lowes Scottish Wildlife Trust visitor centre for viewing osprey (in season) and other wildlife. Note: Ospreys can often be seen fishing on Dunalastair Loch in the summer.